The resources available to you for technical support depend on your support plan. They are:

  • Developer Support
  • Business Support
  • Enterprise Support

AWS Support Ticket Edit

If you are on one of these AWS Support plans you can raise a ticket. It's much faster to get support via the console and create a request.

Technical Account Manager Edit

Your designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your primary point of contact who provides guidance, architectural review, and ongoing communication to keep you informed and well prepared as you plan, deploy, and proactively optimize your solutions. 

  • A dedicated voice within AWS to serve as your technical point of contact and advocate
  • Proactive guidance and best practices to help optimize your AWS environment
  • Orchestration and access to the breadth and depth of technical expertise across the full range of AWS

Trusted Adviser Edit

AWS Trusted Advisor is an online resource that helps you provision your resources following best practices to help reduce cost, increase performance and fault tolerance, and improve security by optimizing your AWS environment. While the four core checks are available to all AWS customers, the full power of AWS Trusted Advisor is available with Business and Enterprise Support plans.

  • Guidance on getting the optimal performance and availability based on your requirements
  • Opportunities to reduce your monthly spend and retain or increase productivity
  • Best practices to help increase security

AWS Whitepapers Edit

AWS Whitepapers features a comprehensive list of technical AWS whitepapers, covering topics such as architecture, security, and economics. These whitepapers have been authored by the AWS Team, independent analysts, or the AWS Community (Customers or Partners). 

AWS Service Health Dashboard Edit

This is a general view of the health of all AWS services.

AWS Personal Health Dashboard Edit

This is a personal view of the health of the AWS services that are used by you.